Home Depot Corporate Statistics Analysis Custom Research Paper

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Home Depot has its head quarter in Atlanta in United State and it is the largest retailer of home improvement goods in the United States market. I will use the company for the purpose of this essay, and analyze on its financial and operations statistics on how they affect its operations as compared to other companies in the same industry and in other economic sectors. I will relate its statistical data to how it affects its employee’s relations, overall productivity and their effects to profitability and competitiveness in the market. The essay will address on the company relations with its suppliers and the rising demand in the market. It shall also include recommendations which the company should adhere to so that it would be able to overcome future challenges.

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Nardelli alienated the employees with a control and commanding style which was more concerned on cutting cost rather than encouraging the employees. An employee was expected to cover 3000 squire feet alone, this is demoralizing and due to negative attitude they had about work they did not offer quality services to their customers (Collings, & Dundon, 2009).

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The stock market share value of home depot shares at the close of business on June 3, 2009 was $24.37 while Lowes shares was $20.3 with a difference of $4.07 which depot is 20.04% higher than Lowes. This is an indicator that home depot shares are doing much better in the stocks market. The company’s stock share value had been ranging between $17 to $30.73 and $13 to $28.48 respectively in the last 52 weeks.

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In conclusion finally the company should improve its employee’s relations. Employees are the greatest asset of any company and could not be ignored. Because they are the one’s who have direct contact with the customers if they serve well the customer that customer will come over another day or even introduce a friend.


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