Human Resources Ensuring Ethical Behavior In The Banking Industry Custom Research Paper

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Banking industry is quite sensitive and tempting because it deals with money. High degree of ethical leadership is needed so that customers and share holders would be confident with the leaders of the bank. Most business leaders believe that ethical leadership is simply having good character or has the right values while ethical leaders set examples which others follows and they are able to withstand any temptation which may occur when they are on duty.

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These would affect its liquidity hence it should maintain high standards of operations and prevent any negative publicity which would harm it (Friedman, 2009). The board of directors and top mangers are held responsible on any decision which they make this enables them to be more cautious on whatever they do.

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Ethical issues which are not well implemented are redesigned on how they shall be implemented for them to be effective. If there are major changes is the industry about ethical issues the process would be redone again from identification of ethical issues which shall then follow the process of implementation until they are fully implemented.

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