Internal and External Pay Equity in Abu Dhabi Research Paper

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Pay equity can be termed as equality in payment for the job or services rendered by a party to either an individual or corporation at large. However several aspect also linger when assessing the same term where researchers have derived and statistically acclaimed that the term can also be referred to as a process of job evaluation, this has led uproar with many analyst thinking otherwise, urging that pay equity also does evaluate the person and their performance along the process (McCann, 2004).

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Pay Equity in Abu Dhabi; There have been pay inequality in the local, semi and government for both expert and citizens. The citizens are highly paid in all the three sectors government, local and semi than the experts. This would have been as a result of discouraging foreigners to flood in the market and gives the local added advantages. For example in the government is the one which has the largest discrepancies as the total payment of the locals are 84000, 51,000, 40,000 30,000 and 25,000 for grades Special 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively against experts of the same grade who get 50000, 27000, 25000, 22000 and 19000 respectively while, the experts does not get such supplementary allowances.

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In Conclusion internal and external equity would be best suited by this UAE community as they mainly deals with business activities that run outside their region domain. These practices would only yield result if the participants are cooperative and the government chips in with resources to support these schemes. If the firm affected by the recent scandals can learn and put these practices into action then the UAE will gain the high stocks indexes in the capital markets.

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