Involvement of stakeholders in curriculum alignment Custom Research Paper

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Training needs keep on changing depending on the changing social and business environments. At any time the students who graduate from high school should be well equipped to address the new challenges in the business and social environments. There are different sectors which instigate the changes and all of them serves as the stakeholders on the curriculum alignment process and should be involved for the changes to address all issues (, 2009).

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Stakeholder’s involvement in the curriculum alignment saves on time of research on what would be needed to be included in it (, 2009). …… Their involvement also adds value to the output, saves on time and money which would have been spent if it was to be done by a few people who would research on it (Hughes, 2002).

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In conclusion in case any of the stakeholders is not given an opportunity to provide their input in the curriculum alignment it will not be complete to provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed by the student to address current issues exclusively.

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