Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem in Brook Army Medical Center Custom Research Paper

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Brook Army Medical Center is at San Antonio and it is owned by University of Texas Health Science Center as a teaching hospital and has Army Burn center. The hospital was set up in 1879 after city of San Antonio donated 92 acres of land for its establishment. It has a bed capacity of 450 Beds and offers outpatients and inpatient services and it is a level one trauma center. The main purpose of this research is to meet the customer’s needs by understanding how the customers of the hospital decide on seeking medical services from the hospital…

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Life style analysis of the customers who are the patients is categorized as social cultural influences which affect the decision making of the patients on whether to visit Brook Army Medical Center or any other hospital. There are three main social cultural factors which affects the customer and includes; the customer social class. The social class decide on the hospital to visit based on their social status (Berkowitz, 2006)…..

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The demographic and psychographic information is not accurate because it is general information which needs to be clarified by carrying out a random sampling survey on the population. The sample obtained for the study shall represent the population with out being biased. The information provided should be measurable to be objective in its reporting…

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