Micro-Politics Custom Research Paper

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Chrispeels (2004) defined Micropolitics as “use of formal and informal power by individuals and groups to achieve their goals in organizations”. This paper shall evaluate on how micropolitics affects on different decision making models in administration of organizations and how the power imposed by Micropolitics would be managed by use of sound decision making and management. Perceived differences between groups and individuals result to political actions which instigate use of power to protect or/and influence….

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Mintzberg (2006) argued that managers who keeps on only communicating or conceived they get nothing done while those who opt to only do it alone they end up doing it alone. Therefore, there is need to utilize several managerial skills to involve others in the decision making process. Hence, he comes up with the following processes to aid in management and decision making…..

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In conclusion Micropolitics have great effects on organizations and actually take control of the organization operations through use of power by all stakeholders (Dovifat Et al. 2007). In the course of making such decisions and implementation there is a lot of politicking which would derail what is being done (Chrispeels, 2004). Use of power is very effective in control of micropolitics in an organization. It guides on how decisions are made to influence others. Micropolitics has both negative and positive impact on the organization some issues would be exposed to a lot of politicking until they loss the main goal which they are supposed to achieve. Leaders should as well use the power which is bestowed on them for the benefit of the organization and not for their own interest. They should as well set up a conducive working environment which gives all the stakeholders….

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