New Girl Order Article Review

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This is an article review of New Girl Order article which is authored by Kay S. Hymowitz. Kay wrote about the globalization of the young single females who are having stunning three demographics on delay of marriage and childbearing, women pursuing degrees at a late age so that they could build up their careers and most of the young women living home to live in the cities. This change in demographics has effects in the economy of clothing, entertainment and traveling industries now. However, in the future this tread will affect the retirement benefits and sustainability of the society which will be having an increased aged people than the young ones.

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In the 1970’s young ladies used to be at their homes and participated in home labor hence contributing to the economic wellbeing of their families. This has changed with time with most of them moving in to the cities where they could get jobs, have access to bars where they can hang out and where they could get boys.

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Furthermore, the pensioners are most likely to be having children who they shall be taking care of because they would have married quit late. The effect of the New Lady Order is currently being mostly felt in the developing countries but its gaining popularity in the developing country as well.

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