Nuclear superiority as a decisive factor in resolving conflicts in the post World War II period Custom Essay

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Although, use of nuclear has been highly discouraged for use in war or even production and technological advancement of such Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) they have used in settling conflicts. For example during cold war there was a confrontation of Cuba, United States and Soviet Union which deteriorated to what is believed today to be the closest to a nuclear war. However, the threat to use nuclear to defend Cuba Island by launching of missiles by Soviet and Cuban Government prompted a negotiation of United States and Soviets which brokered a peaceful agreement of not invading Cuba (Nuechterlein, 2000).

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According to Arbatov (2008) it is unlikely for Armenia and Russian forces being attacked by Turkey because Armenia and Russia have been nuclear states hence any invasion to such a country would make it reiterate back. Countries such as China and Russia, have signed cooperation treaties which improves on how they relate to each other and deviate use of nuclear on each other….

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In conclusion most of the nuclear threats are not meant as there is a treaty of not to use nuclear weapons for war and its use would result to outcry of the international community (Arbatov, 2008). Therefore, because the country which is being threatened would know that it is an empty threat this would not make them cease the war or slow the conflict….

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