Our town A Play in Three Acts Custom Essay

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The play “Our town A Play in Three Acts” is authored by Wilder, Thornton and Margulies, Donald and was first published in 1938. The play is a setup of two families which were staying in the small town and represent a normal life of families living in a modern city. The author of the play has used these two families to develop the themes of the play which revolves through the cycle of life…

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The play also brings in the theme of perfectionism of the community it clearly shows that there is no such perfect community. For example the town has a ghetto and sometime life in the city would be such stressing that even some characters like Simon Stimson committed suicide in desperation. Mrs. Soemes said “It’s the worst scandal that ever was in this town (Wilder, 2003 pp 38) when referring to Simon Stimson that he was a real scandal in the city. The diversity of the town was shown by residence of the American Catholics at the posh areas in the city….

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In conclusion the play states that “In those days our newspaper come out twice a week” (Wilder, 2003 pp 7) which is an indication they were getting the papers which was their source of information and the news paper was New York Times as specified in the play “they’ve put in a copy of the New York Times and a copy of Mr. Webb’s Sentinel” (Wilder, 2003 pp 32). All what was being done in the city was similarly what was happening to other cities proving that a city can not live in isolation….

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