Procurement and Contracting Processes Custom Essay

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This is an analysis of the procurement and contracting processes which are required for the travel magazine which I have invested to start up with two other investors. The magazine targets the middle income population, over the last six month we have worked on the modalities of structuring the business by developing its marketing and business plan. The business plan includes on the long term and short term objectives which needs to be met for the business to be successful, it also stipulate on the processes which will be required for the business….

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Pros and cons of outsourcing; Use of outsourcing will make the business concentrate on its core activities which are publication and the magazine and strategizing on its quality control editorial and editing to meet their clientele needs. When the business is able to concentrate on its core business it will develop on its internal staff flexibility and specialty in their operations as they will have to specialize on their operations which improves on their productivity as well. ….

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In conclusion Selection of vendors; there are different categories of vendors who I will select from. I would prefer to select vendors who are registered as limited companies instead of privately owned businesses. By dealing with such companies as vendors we are assured of continuity and the liabilities are….

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