Program Development Discussion Board Custom Research Paper

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After I did the design of the program of a landscaping business which is owned by my uncle I then decided to do some research in the library and the internet on how I would improve the coding of the program which I was to start next. To my surprise I got there are numerous reusable codes which I can use in the program which would save me time and improve the quality of the program because they are free of bugs. These codes were functions and procedures which some I would use them without any modification while others would need minimal editing and they would execute without any errors and they shall easily be integrated in my program (Howtomakeiphoneapps, 2009).

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In the program I am working on it has a lot of repetition especially in the payment of the customers. There are different payments for different categories of the customers. Old customers are given 10% discount while those who my uncle did five or more lawns are given a discount of $10 while the rest of the customers pays $35 for each lawn which is being advertised.

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The reason why I decided to use the reusable codes are after I realized they are similar to the one’s which I will code. Therefore by using them I shall save on time, they are standardized and proved to work without any problems, they would integrate well in the program,

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