Programming Concepts of a Small Radio Station Custom Essay

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I work in a small radio station which plays songs, the songs are sang from their original CDs which are stored in style box randomly. The boxes which they are kept are not labeled and they are not in any established order. Hence, it is much challenging to select a preferred song to play as it has to be searched manually in the boxes which is tiresome and takes a lot of time. The increasingly habit of those playing the songs of placing the CDs in any box which is near them is making the operations of the radio station to be ineffective and not efficient….

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Testing and training of the solution; There are possibilities of errors in the database designed and the program coded. The program, the database or both would not be done in accordance of the planning or they might be faulty in some of their operations. Hence, there is need to test them to be error free. The programming errors are known as bugs which are tested by use of test data which would either be use of any songs or the actual songs in the radio station to test all its operations and relationships/linkages with the database.

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In conclusion post implementation maintenance of the project to ensure that the operations of the project are optimized. This will be achieved by evaluating the program routinely. There are two main reasons why evaluation should be done routinely, first is to indentify areas which are faulty and amend them and include any changes in the radio stations operations which they would need incorporated. Secondly, it to incorporate any new technology which would add value to its operations so that the solution/program would be modernized to be competitive with other radio stations as well. ..

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