Project Failure Analysis Custom Research Paper

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The child support agency was established in 1993 with an aim of meeting the children’s need when the parents live apart. The agency obtains children claims due to a result of divorce proceedings and those who are bone by single mothers and could be experiencing financial hardship. Most of those who enroll in the agency are those who are seeking claims for support maintenance of the child this forms 70% of those who are being taken care of.

  • Project Failure Analysis
  • Project background
  • Lack of sufficient resources
  • Inappropriate contracting strategy
  • Delay in developing partnership
  • Governance failure
  • Non-compliance culture
  • Poor system design
  • Governance Framework
  • ISO 27002 and Legislations
  • System structure
  • Process Approach
  • Poor risk assessment and treatment
  • Compliance
  • Critical analysis:
  • Negligence
  • Poor regulations
  • Poor business continuity

Conclusions and Recommendations: The failure of the project proves on the importance of including all the stakeholders in any computerized system implementation. System success is mostly based on the users an issue which most management and developers ignores because they through system development it technical and has nothing to do with the users. This is wrong assumption because the system is a working tool of the users; actually it is theirs if it is able to meet their operational needs it has as well meet the needs of the agency or the organization. Failure to involve the users leads to designing a system which shall not be able to meet the organizational needs.

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