Project Plan of LRH Products Custom Research Paper

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LRH Products has a marketing project which is a trade show to be held in Kansas City. I am responsible of creating the project plan which will ensure the event is successful. The marketing manager has furnished me with all the requirement needed for the show and an appropriate budget has been set based on the previous trade shows. But being a new employees I will need to confirm a few issues regarding the vendors, and familiarize my self with the company’s product as well. For proper planning I shall start the preparation project 10 weeks prier the even. Success of any project is base on good planning and controls all through the project (Kerzner, H. 2005)….

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The administration gave me two people who I should work with. I shall be with Pat for a period of eight weeks because he shall proceed on leave for two weeks. For the eight weeks he shall committee 12 hours in a week. I would use him first to train me on the products of the company because he is knowledgeable about them…..

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Having worked with a competitor of the company I am skilled of organizing tradeshows so I would take charge of making the travelling arrangements and train the sales staff. It is very important to train all those who are participating on the show for it to be successful (Atkinson & Shepherd, 2009).

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