Proposal of My Most Recent Prototype of Personalized Musical Cards Custom Research Paper

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This report is addressed to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company Cards4U Inc. As the lead project engineer for the new musical cards which I am about to introduce to the company I am expected to coordinate its design. The needs of the customers keep on changing very first with changing in technology used, tastes and preferences. Hence, for Cards4U Inc to remain marketable and lead in the market it is important to develop cards which are of high quality and at the sometime they have a fair price by reducing the cost of production as well…..

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I will need to interpret the contents of the documents and rewrite them in contents which are understood by the CEO and all employees who I shall be working with who do not understand the design engineering terms. I will be expected to interpret the design sheet presented in an accurate manner which shall be understood by all partners without compromising on its quality (Jones, 2009)……

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Due to its unique characteristic of being easy to change its design it will be sustainable in the market because it will take quit along time before it is overtaken by changing customer needs and other card producers for it to be absolute. However, I shall put measures in place to continually monitor its performance in the market compared with other products to indentify areas which will need to be upgraded with time to make it more unique and ways on how we would also reduce on its production cost…..

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