Proposal on Literature Review Custom Research Paper

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This is the proposal of Valuation of Real Options literature review to work on this review I shall use three books. Real Options: Managerial Flexibility and Strategy in Resource Allocation by Lenos Trigeorgis. The Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World. by F. Peter Boer and Strategy, Value And Risk-The Real Options Approach. Palgrave Macmillan (September 7, 2002) by Jamie Rogers and Strategy,
The Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World.

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The book was first published by Wiley in 2002. The author includes the crisis in valuation and the economic value of Discounted Cash Flow standards and their limitations. It also has a clear presentation of crisis in valuation and economic value of discounted cash flow and its limitations

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It is as well used in valuation of stock prices which most investors invest in, especially for long investments. Prices indicated in stock keep on fluctuating depending on several factors such as economic performance of the company, demand and supply among other internal and external factors which are need to be evaluated keenly to make sound investment decision

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