Quality Management Program in Clinical Services Custom Research Paper

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This is a report on quality management program in clinical services; it will dwell in improvement of health service delivery to both clinic and community levels. Clinic managements have been faced by a challenge of poor service delivery which makes most of the patients being kept waiting for long for services to be delivered to them. Supply management of goods and services which are supposed to sustain high service delivery has also been not effective in most clinics and needs to be addressed as well.

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Quality management goals and objectives; The program shall include five management goals and objectives. The set goals and objectives shall be specific to what will need to be done, the implementers shall be able to measure and analyze their performance they shall also be realistic in the areas of operations and have a time frame for implementation or they are time bound. The goals to be met are;

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In conclusion after successful implementation there is need to evaluate the program performance to access on if it has been properly implemented and if there are areas which need to be rectified. This is know as post implementation evaluation, at the design of the program there were the five main objectives and goals which were set to be achieved by this program. It is at this stage when the system is evaluated against those objectives if it is able to fulfill them (Epmbook 2009).

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