Risk and Compliance Evaluation Custom Research Paper

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This is a report to the board of directors of World Wide design and manufacturing Ltd concerning computerization of the company’s operations. The computerization of the company has to withstand numerous risks and security features which will need to be addressed for it to be effective. As the chief security officer of World wide design and manufacturing ltd, it is my duty to ensure that the system which is installed adhere to the appropriate security measures which will not jeopardize the operations of the company.

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Most of computerization project do fail due to poor implementations which mostly arise due to know identifications of the needs of the users as well as being overcome by risks which are involved when implementing the system (Wingate, 2003). World Wide design and manufacturing Ltd is not an exception of such poor implementation. This report shall address on the risks and compliance which the company shall need to take in to considerations when developing and implementing the system.

  • Security Management
  • Roles of Chief Security Officer
  • Company Processes and Interrelationships
  • External Factors
  • Internal Factors
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Establishment of ISMS.
  • Implement and Operate ISMS
  • Monitor and Review ISMS
  • Continuous Improvement and Maintenance of ISMS

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Conclusions and Recommendations: Compliance with the ISO regulations makes the company ISO certified in terms of Information Security Management Systems. This adds credibility to the company because other firms and investors would know that the company has put in place information security measures which will safeguard their information.

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