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This is an article review on school counseling from a journal titled School Counselors’ Interest in Professional Literature and Research which is authored by Sheri Bauman among others. The article addresses on counseling in school, although there were counseling done in school before mid twentieth century it was being done without attaining status of true profession.

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The research was done on 129 counselors which revealed that 77% of the counselors were women with a total of 99 women. While the most experienced with more than 25 years constituted 7% of the total who were 9 counselors. Most of them had less than 4 years experience which was 30% with a total of 39 counselors. The research further indicated that the highest age groups who are over 61 year are the one’s who are most involved in counseling.

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Therefore it is important to encourage the youths to train on being counselors because they would be best placed to advice their fellow young youths in schools as they are able to understand their operations and what would be affecting them.

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