Service Management & Customer Loyalty; IUSACELL Action Plan Custom Essay

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For IUSACELL to be successful in its management and customer loyalty the company shall need to formulate a business plan which will support its operations in a visionary manner to meet both current and future needs of the company. Therefore the company should;
i.) Take advantage of existence of the already computerized system in the company which is not fully utilized to computerize their customer service and management duties as well. Because the customers are interested in using technologically advanced customer service systems which will hasten their services and improves their quality as well.
ii.) The computerized system to be implemented is know as Solucion Inmediata or (Si) which will automate the operation of the company and emphasis of customer services which is very essential in its operations (Harvard Business School, 2009)…

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Customers are the main resource of an organization and once they have been treated well with a lot of respect and their needs are met (Cespedes, 2009). The improved performance of the company over the last two years is mainly as a result of improved service delivery to the customers though computerization of the services being offered, setting up of an online services which the customer shall be able to access services at any place and time of their convenience…..

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According to Cespedes (2009) the market is highly dynamic and competitive therefore I would advice the management of the business to incorporate training of its employees. This should be done continually to improve on their skills and get more skills as well. Employees of any company are essential as they are the one who makes and implement the company goals and objectives both short term and long term strategies. Failure to train the employees will result them being ill equipped and would not be able to steer the company competitively in the market. Therefore they shall need to be taught new tricks/skills in the market to be competitive.

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