Sickle Cell Disease Custom Research Paper

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The research is done on African American Women whose age is between 15-30 years and they are suffering from Sickle Cell Disease. The patients have been treated in the emergency room and their treatment is done through follow ups at outpatient clinics and primary care clinics….

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PICO Question: PICO is an acronym of Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome (Bergus R, 2000). Population describes the patient or the group being researched on and Intervention is the main involvements or therapy which should be considered. While, Comparison is an alternative treatment which would be adopted and Outcome is the clinical end results. PICO Question is used by the researcher to translate clinical problems to a structured question for easy understanding and interpretation (Levin & Feldman, 2009). The PICO question for this research……

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The research will evaluate on effectiveness of follow ups of Sickle cell disease patients in Outpatients clinics as compared to primary care office on controlling of the length of the next visit to the Emergency Room. This evaluation will reveal on effectiveness of the outpatient clinics to primary care office so that the patient would live a productive life. Recommendations will be done based on the outcome of the research to ensure that Sickle cell disease patients has access to required medical follow-ups.

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