Software for the Program Custom Research Paper

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The program for the landscaping business will need software which will design a program which will be compatible with the operating systems which are available in the market. The computer which I had set up I used windows vista therefore the programming software which we shall use should be compatible to it and also it should be able to support the current business operations such as creating web based applications. For the purpose of this project I do recommend we use VB.Net programming software.

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VB.Net has capabilities of connecting to oracle database which has good features for managing data. He will also need a website which would be linked to the database such that customer would not need to travel to the offices to enquire for the details (Abijit, 2002).

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The transition of the business program from which I shall design currently to server increase of customers to the one which will address the future clients shall be done gradually. Through upgrade of the current program I shall design so we shall be building on the same therefore none of the investments which he would have done will be a waste.

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