Strengths and weaknesses of ICT Orders Custom Research Paper

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Invention of internet has made leaning to be much easier because one is able to learn computer classes while online. However this process of leaning which I underwent I had different strengths and weaknesses for the different ICT orders which I leant and I shall include in this overview report….

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I was able to clip the networking cables and do the physical connections of the computers and the hubs, I was also able to assign IP addresses to the computers and the server but I was unable to set up the active directory in the server and to configure the computers to be in different workgroups for ease network management (Ayesha, 2009)…..

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In conclusion preparations of PowerPoint presentation was much easy to indentify the slide layouts which I should use depending on the slide contents. But it was quit difficult for me to include animations and time them appropriately especially when the slides were to be viewed automatically with out clicking.

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