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Positive psychology was begun by Martin Seligman who is referred to as the father of modern positive psychology. It is a branch of psychology which is recent and deals with studies of virtues and strengths which enable communities and individuals thrive. It seeks to nurture talents and make one’s life more fulfilling. Individuals and communities talents are natured through mostly training where they develop new skills and perfect what they already have so that they would thrive in life. For the purpose of this research paper I shall write about student’s engagement and positive psychology.

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Students are engaged in positive school adaptation and all of them feel being as members of the family when in the learning institution. They are able to easily adapt to the leaning environment because they are able to fulfill their need which is seeking knowledge and skills. The teachers and the students promote a positive classroom environment which makes the student comfortable (Kuh & Carini, 2003).

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In conclusion Leaning in schools bring up life satisfaction to the students by building up their skills which makes them much better every day as they continue with their studies. The learning done makes them more responsible for their deeds and they are able to manipulate the resources which are available to them the best way possible to fulfill their needs.

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