Supervisory Style and School Culture Custom Research Paper

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Ever since the dawn of Renaissance Age, the world and its corporate, business and educational sectors have witnessed a steady but radical and unrelenting shift towards the cause of professionalism, the drawing and formulation of expectations and information. The upholding of professionalism, expectations and open communication has been seen to be instrumental in the shaping up of a school’s culture. The benevolence of these measures are well testified of by the fact that with the adoption of these values, the world has witnessed growth in all these sectors by making services delivery more efficient, transparent and competitive…..

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According to Amir and his protégés (1997), as a measure of implementing professionalism, all efforts are to be made so that all recruitment drive is made as transparent as possible. To this end, recruitment drives are to be delegated and relegated to the human resource management (HRM) personnel which are to be a conglomeration of qualified, skilled and professional employees who are well versed on the company’s integrity, corporate image and interests….

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The fact that a learning institution cannot carry out its educational role without explicitly regulating measures which favor professionalism, open communication and the maintenance of high standards is clearly epitomized by the philosophy of such an institution. Specifically, the mission and vision statements of a learning organization portray the sense of the embracing of high standards and ideals.

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