Tension between the President and Congress In Relation To the War Powers Act/Resolution Custom Essay

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The War power Act/Resolution was enacted in 1973 and since then the two institutions of policy making the congress and the president had been in disagreement on its implementation. The Act grew out of Vietnam conflict which is one of the wars which Americans failed. The inception of the war was under control of President Kennedy who upon his assassination he wanted to withdraw the military from Vietnam but his successor Johnson intensified the war with an intention of scaring North Vietnamese so that they do not act…

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However, Johnson declared war without involvement of the congress which if he sort their support there are possibilities that American would not loss the war due to proper planning and wide consultations. United States should as well proceed to build alliances with likely minded nations to improve on its national policy….

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In conclusion, instances that the war is highly criticized, not successful or has negative publicity the blame will not be personalized to the president but will be a collective responsibility. However, by involving the congress it would bring more division especially when either democratic or republican is for or against due to political differences in such a scenario the president would be left with no option but recede the decision…

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