The Interplay between Science and Religion in the Media Custom Essay

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The Interplay between Science and Religion in the Media; In the modern world there have been conflicts on how religion and science relate. Science has been referred to as a profound method which human use to discover the truth while religion have been referred to by many as a force which is used to create meaning. Therefore that the main difference science strives to establish the truth while religion is meant to generate the meaning of why the situation is the way it is. It has also been not possible to get them together which both are acceptable….

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Independence of religion and Science; The independence of religion and science is depicted by the fact that each is treated as separate realms of enquiry. According to Brigida and Falcão pp. 352(2009) religion and science deals with different aspects of human experience which if viewed like that they would coexist with each other peacefully if each would stick to its domain. Religion is more related to the ordinarily human being experience in their life, and its more of emotional balance of either being happy, sad, feel loved, cared for and compassionate which is mainly controlled on either something being good or bad depending on the religious teachings….

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In conclusion both religion and science offers importance support to human development and how they relate to each other and the environment. Although, religion and science have so much in conflict they relate well by forming bases of their arguments. For example religion mainly gives meaning and value to issues and how they should be done by indentifying what is good and bad. While, science proves the truth by specifying what something is it does not give explanation on whether it is good or bad, which the religious people want to know if it is whether it is good or bad. Therefore, religion comes handy in explaining such truth by advising its followers on what is good or bad….

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