The Interplay between Science and Religion in the Media Custom Essay

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In the modern world there have been conflicts on how religion and science relate. Science has been referred to as a profound method which human use to discover the truth while religion have been referred to by many as a force which is used to create meaning. Therefore that the main difference science strives to establish the truth while religion is meant to generate the meaning of why the situation is the way it is. It has also been not possible to get them together which both are acceptable. The differences which arise in both science and religion not only are it an academic curiosity but the two forces of science and religion is an evident war in the world today. The modern science is the revolutionized religion inhibit in the same world and each contend the world in a different view to be able to dominate the world and in one way or the other one of them shall dominate the world….

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Media and why it focuses on the conflict model of Science and Religion; Most people believe that science is the supreme form of knowledge as compared to religion as it gives substantial evidence of what is happening. The media is meant to notify keep people informed of any news progress. Science is one of the main interests of human being and existence in the earth as it formulates almost everything which is being used to day from transport, health, communication, economy and technological advancements. Therefore, its subject is of much interest to every one. The role of science in human livelihood is immense and as well they are religious therefore there is always conflict of the two….

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In conclusion such integration will make the religion much more relevant to the community they serve as its teachings would be supportive to the obvious arguments which have been proved over time. A good example of such compliance is a scenario if the religions teachings and beliefs have even so far not accepted that the world is round and not flat and every one knows the fact that actually world its round. They would even doubt more of its teachings and beliefs if at all that is not true. Therefore, it will as well promote its connectivity with the communities which the religions serve….

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