The Speed of Trust Book Report Custom Research Paper

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This is a book report of the book Speed of Trust which is authored by Covey, Stephen and published by Free Press publishers in New York in 2006. The author has done a thorough research in the components of trust which he has explored and explained the dynamics on how one can build or destroy trust in institutions, families and teams. Covey argued that trust makes things easier and distrust can make them much harder. However, he has gone further to advice on how one would change to build up trust with those they associate with through……

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….. Organizational trust is very important in development of an organization because the employees will trust each other which will in turn improve on their productivity. Covey argued that trust is a hidden variable which makes organizations successful if well managed. Trust has effect on costs incurred and speed at which work is been done. When trust declines speed of doing work reduces as well which in turn makes the cost to increase, however once an organization looses trust on its employees it is very difficult and it usually…….

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Although the author has been instrumental in encouraging how to build and management trust I do not agree with him on the argument that trust is one thing which would change every thing. Which to my view it is untrue because if one is not honest then there would be no trust, therefore I see the author is concentrating on trust so much as if it can be able to achieve it all alone without support from other virtues such as respect, accountability, courageous and honesty. However, the book is very helpful on how to deal with trust and I would encourage everyone…….

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