Theology and Theory of Care Custom Research Paper

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Theology is a study of truthfulness of religion and God. It also states on how religion and believing in God would influence there lives. Theology integrates well with theory of care which makes it meet its purpose of guiding the society in its spiritual and emotional needs. This essay addresses four issues which affects human beings and their environment and how they relate to theology. Theology can not exist on its own, it has to relate with human development and practices so that it would be meaningful in their lives…

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Human being experiences different emotional challenges as they develop which need to be addressed by pastoral care. Most common emotional difficulties which human beings experiences as they develop are depression, anger and denial which I will need to address (Hunter, 2006)….

How theology of spiritual care integrates with a theory of pastoral practice. My theology of spiritual care lays in compassion and accompaniment. God is a compassionate God. This means, first of all, that our God has chosen to be God-with-us. This is evident on how God was with the Israelites when they were in slavery in Egypt and how he freed them from slavery….

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How the group communicates among themselves, with other groups or individuals dictates on their organizational behavior which promotes their effectiveness. I have observed that groups whose members respect each other are able to communicate freely without any hitches. I have encouraged group members to share whatever they have on their minds….

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