Theory and Practice of Counseling Custom Essay

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This discussion is based on the book “Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy which is authored by Corey, Gerald in 2004. I shall use Person-Centered Therapy for the discussion to evaluate on how I would use the quotation from the bible in Genesis 1:27 which states that we are created in the “Image of God”. In Person Centered Therapy is a form of counseling whose approach emphasis more on the responsibility of the treatment process on the client. Its main purpose is meant for psychotherapy and mental health which I will use to increase greater openness of the client and improve on their self-esteem….

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The biblical concept and belief that we are made in the image of God is well know and the clients will be able to relate with it. The aspect of the clients being able to relate with it makes it even much easer for me to interpret it and use it to counsel them. I will integrate the spirituality and biblical concept to be able to counsel the clients and foster their better self understanding and have good relationship with others…

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In conclusion there is need to improve their relationship which will in turn improve on their self-esteem. With an improved self-esteem the clients will be able to accept themselves, be jovial, focused and they will be able to achieve more in their daily life.

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