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Business intelligence is being used in corporations to assist in decision making thus some time they are also referred to as decision support systems. Due to advancement of technology and increased need of managing data and information the task has increasingly being more complicated and time consuming to analyze data or operational scenario for decision making. Business intelligence refers to processes, applications, skills, practices and technologies which are used in a business environment to support indecision making.

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When performing semantic analysis there are set of type of values and operations which are done on the values. There are three categories of types which are used in most programming languages. They include base type, compound type and complex type (Yuan & Eduardo 2009).

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Use of business intelligent systems is applicable in different business environments as it has been demonstrated in this assignment, but its applications are much relevant to what is being done in the business. Most of business environment are keen in improving the quality of services they offer due to unformed clientele who are aware of their needs and insists on quality and reliability.

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