Truth versus Fiction Custom Research Paper

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This argumentative essay shall differentiate between the truth and fiction in a philosophical view. After successful differentiation of fiction and truth the essay shall then evaluate on existence of God which I know its true then I subject it to the arguments and ideas which has been discussed by philosophers in the text book demonstrate how you know what you know…..

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According to Jgweed, (2008) truth confirms an actuality/reality and it is a fact which has been verified
According to George (2001) Saint Anselm’s argued that God do exist and he something which is great such that he can only be conceived and he lived in peoples mind he based his argument on human minds perception. That because human being perceive that God exists he really do exist this argument was criticized by Gaunilo who argued that if one perceive something it does exist does not necessary mean it actually exists……

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The debate it tries to get the truth of if God really exist and if he is the one who created the world, in control of the world and he is a powerful God. This argument shows on how facts and imaginative arguments present their facts and imaginations to support the argument either to be truth or faction. When one of the ideologies is much stronger that the other. What was previously been believed to be true or fiction changes because there is another argument which has evidence and more convincing….

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