Use of Public Relations Comparisons in H&M, and French Connections (FCUK) to Increase Profitability and Awareness.

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Public-relations is the art of improving organizational relationships with stakeholders and is increasingly becoming important contributor to firms’ competitiveness. Companies embark on establishing independent departments that are tasked with the responsibility of planning, evaluating, researching and communicating respective firms’ relations with stakeholders. H&M Company, a Västerås, Sweden, based clothing distribution brand, is a prime example of effective use of public relations as tool for effective endearment to stakeholders, and especially respective target markets. The company takes public relations as an effective form of advertising, which that has contributed to rapid conversion of target market into customer base. H&M Company’s uses public relations in both peak and off-peak seasons….

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Cutlip and Center (2001) are on the opinion that effective public relations departments are the ones who integrate the above areas but have division of labor within the individuals and groups tasked with the responsibility. The theorist states that such approaches aids in establishing and solidifying teamwork between department employees and therefore increase productivity. James (2006) comes with another point that public relations are tantamount to free advertisement to companies and other organizations
The system has been integrated with the web based application to address on the issues of the customers in a timely manner. According to Cadwell, (2009) customers feel being taken of by being responded to in good time, the responses done are timely and of high quality to meet the needs of the customers….

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In conclusion by repackaging their attention to the international market they shall be able to build a brand of international standard and be able to compete favorably in the international markets as it will be know by most of its customers. Celebrities should be well vented to determine their credibility and the impact which they would bring to the company especially for French Connections which had not used most celebrities like H&M because failure to vet them properly the company brand would as well suffer a decline especially if the celebrity has a negative effect to the target market. A celebrity must be adding value to the product and must be recognizable by the target market as a celebrity.

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