Use of Reports in University Assessment Research Paper

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Reports are the main resources which are used by universities to assess the progress of the students in all the activities which they will be involved in. The assessments being done are mainly meant to improve learning and teaching and they also inform decision makers to be able to make decisions or even plan their operations. The reports would highlight areas of success such as creating rubrics which are useful, alignment of curriculum to provide desired outcomes to the users of the reports needed, provision of corresponding samples derived from students work and development of explicit standards (McMillan & Weyers 2006).

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Curriculum development and revision is one of the activities or tool which the university uses in formulation of its assessment and delivery training of different courses which they offer. According to Arbor (2009) the assessments done by the university by use of reports would have different actions which need to be taken.

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In conclusion after the reports are discussed by the faculties or all decision making organs of the university, the reports would include sections that describe actions taken by the program. It also includes details such as who would take such actions, the timeline expected of them, and the timeline they would implement the actions recommended to be done. According to Outcomes Assessment Manual (2000) the universities have kept on working hard to identify appropriate formats.

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