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This case study is based on an implementation of an innovative bullying prevention program by the Board of Education in to elementary schools and its based on the book “Evaluation: A Systematic Approach” Authored by Peter Henry Rossi. The scope of the project involves a program curriculum which will last for eight weeks with 90 minutes per week and the target groups are third graders. The program will be implemented in 18 elementary schools in Fuzzwood. Each of the schools is composed of 800 students, and an approximate of 100 third graders who the project is to be implemented to.

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After the implementation of the first group I would have gained experience on areas which the project spent more than necessary or delayed than it was expected and change the approach for the second and third group. Therefore the last group is expected to be the least costly and to spend less time as it would have added advantage of borrowing failures experienced in the previous groups which are now rectified.

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In conclusion successful identification of the above three challenges and addressing them satisfactorily will ensure that the board of education program of bullying prevention would be successfully evaluated in all the 18 elementary schools identified for the study. The evaluation will be done under controlled budget and time, it shall be done in an ethical manner and will be well legalized in all the research centers in the schools and finally the results which shall be obtained in the evaluation exercise will be accurate to represent all the 18 elementally schools involved in the study despite of their different back grounds.

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