Will the Kindle survive beyond the US border Custom Research Paper

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Kindle had launched a wireless book reader which has become very popular within a very short time. It is a technology which is been appreciated by the publishers and readers (Taylor, 2009). It has eased the distribution of books and other printed materials by eliminating middlemen. Therefore the books or other publications are able to reach the readers much more easily and at a subsidized cost. This has reduced the costs of books and other printed materials because they are provided in electronic format and has reduced the turn around time since a customer would pay for the book and within a few second they are able to download it. Due to its convenience and success in the United States market the international market is in need of it which puts the company is a dilemma….

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The advantage of such an undertaking is that we shall have access to professionally sourced data about the market which had been extensively researched and we would as well be able to see the tread of the market in the past and enable the analyst to predict its future (Friesner & Hart, 2005). Use of secondary data shall save on time as we shall not need to do the actual sourcing and compilation of the data. However, it has a setback on that the data has been collected and analyzed for another purpose rather than this research objective or questions…

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After a successful research and analysis is availed to the management for decision making, they shall need to make an informed decision which will make Kindle to have a competitive advantage over other electronic book readers. This would be achieved by adopting the following three strategies. They could launch the product in to the market at a lower cost than other players by ensuring that they reduce on their production and distribution cost to ensure the price offered is profitable. Secondly they would as well improve their product to be more special as compared to the competitors and sell at a high cost and lastly indentify a market which other players get it hard to penetrate and dominate it (Carree & Thurik, 2005).

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