14 sonnet or translation of a renaissance Custom Essay

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In this unit, you can choose one of the following prompts for your writing project.

1) You can write a 14-line poem using the Shakespearean sonnet rhyme scheme (abab cdcd efef gg) that expresses your feelings about something or someone
2) You can write a translation of a Renaissance sonnet in contemporary English

If you decide to write your own poem, you can write about nature, a relationship, or your favorite pet. Many Renaissance poets wrote about love and relationships and so can you.

Here are some ideas for a poem.
The person I will never forget.
My emotions were hard to hide.
How I feel about my friend.
I wish that things could always be this way.
If only I could bring nature into the city.
Why do I feel so frustrated?

If you write a translation of a Renaissance sonnet, you can select one of the following sonnets by William Shakespeare: “Sonnets18, 29, or 130.” Rewrite the poem in your own words while keeping his themes. Your poem should be 14 lines long, but it does not have to rhyme or follow an iambic pentameter structure.

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