3D printing Custom Essay

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Watch Lisa Harouni’s presentation on 3D printing at the Ted conference here:

Write a 5 page paper (1700 to 2000 words) that discusses this technology. At the minimum, present a well thought out discussion about these questions and issues:

What is this technology?

How long has it been around?

How does it work, exactly?

What problem does this technology solve?

What can be done with this technology that cannot be done without it?

What applications can you think about that can benefit from this technology (NOT GAMES!) Lisa gives a few such examples like manufacturing parts for discontinued appliances at home. Of course there are millions of such applications. What I am looking for is something that would really shine when using this technology.

What risks will this technology pose to our society? Think about this!

Give every question a title and make put them in BOLD to make them easier to find.

As always, avoid cut and pasting from web pages or your peers. In the references section of your paper, provide a link to theexact page any website you have used. Don’t just say “Google.com” or “Wikipedia!”

You will turn in your paper in Microsoft Word format. Each page will be in font 12 Arial, (no larger than 12 points!) Set your left, right, top and bottom margins at 1.25 inches. use AT LEAST THREE REFERENCES.

The reference page does not count as part of the five pages.

Images often enhance your paper. but these pictures should not be counted as part of the essay content size. Either place your pictures at the end of the essay on separate pages with captions you can refer to in your text, or if you are going to embed your pictures in the essay, make sure your word count does not fall bellow (1,720 words!)

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