4 questions on statistics: Need a skiiful Excel ability custom essay

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1. Obtain a scatterplot of the % of produce damaged and price$/kg for all customers. Think carefully about which variable should go on the vertical axis. Remember, it is the independent variable that goes on the horizontal axis (i.e. the x-axis). Make sure you label your axes properly and that your graph has an appropriate title.

2. Briefly describe the nature of the relationship between these two variables (Hint: mention strength and direction).

3. Use Excel to carry out a regression analysis on two variables: % of produce damaged (independent variable) and price$/kg (dependent variable).

a) Copy the output into your assignment and then use it to determine the answer to the following questions.

b) Write down the regression equation.

c) State the R-squared value and the standard error and explain what they mean with respect to the data.

d) Write down the value of the gradient of the regression line and explain what it means in the context of this question.

e) Are the values for the constant and intercept (slope coefficient) significant in this case? Justify your answer using values from the output.

f) Do you think this regression model is a good model? Justify your answer using the regression output.

4.Using the information obtained for your analyses write a short conclusion about what you found out about the relationship between the % of produce damaged and price$/kg, and how this relates to customer and the type of produce.

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