A brief description of the theory or perspective you selected to apply to the “Linda” vignette Research Paper

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A brief description of the theory or perspective you selected to apply to the “Linda” vignette. Write about your thoughts about why the theory you chose would best address the issues presented including Linda’s age, gender, and background, and why. Be specific. Be sure to support your paper and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. Remember paper will turned in to turnitin.com to check for paradigms.

Little Background about what there talking about:

Discussion 1

Theoretical Case Conceptualization

Forensic populations consist of both victims and offenders. That being said, how you theoretically conceptualize a forensic case is simply psychology-speak for how you use academic knowledge in combination with your own common sense to explain people and their behavior. In other words, what makes people tick? What makes them do what they do? Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in this regard. There are several solid, empirically-tested theories of human behavior which have been shown to be valid in categorizing and predicting human behavior. Some of these, often used in forensic settings, include psychodynamic, behavioral, social learning, and criminal justice theories.

As you consider the case of Linda in this Discussion, imagine that you are in the role of a forensic psychology intern working at the court. You have been asked to write a theoretical case conceptualization of Linda for consideration by the judge during the sentencing of this case. Reflect on how you would explain her life and entry into the legal system using the various theories of human behavior. Once you have completed this Discussion, re-read the vignette and mentally change the age, gender, or ethnicity of the individual in the vignette. Would your response change, and if so, how? What does this alteration, or lack of alteration in subsequent case conceptualizations, indicate to you?

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the article “Emerging Issues in Forensic Mental Health.” Think about the different forensic applications and theories in use in community settings.

Review Chapter 1 of the course text, Community Corrections, and think about the various theoretical approaches to community corrections.

Review the article “Applying a Psychodynamic Treatment Model to Support an Adolescent Sentenced for Murder to Confront and Manage Feelings of Shame and Remorse.” Consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a psychodynamic treatment model in community corrections.

Review Chapter 14 of Community Corrections. Think about how culture and diversity impact approaches to community corrections.

Review the “Linda” vignette on page 68 of Community Corrections and in the “Red Light District” of the Urban area in the Interactive Community. Think about the different approaches that could be applied to explain her life and entry into the legal system, and that could address the issues presented.

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