A Case Study of an ESL/EFL Learne Custom Essay

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If you read all the files you will get a btter understanding as you need to chose a task which easy for you to do the interview for a student from Saudi Arabia. Please provide a transcript for the interview as I’ll need to record one it should be around 30min interview.

All of the assignment information are attached .

Students are required to conduct a case study of an ESL/EFL learner to explore the nature of their target language learning and/or acquisition. The exact scope, nature and description of the task will be developed in consultation with the lecturer. Resources, reading materials and other details relevant to the task will be available on the relevant course website, and please refer to your campus specific course website for these details.

Criteria & Marking:

?Conceptual coherence of research design (5)
?Quality of data collected (5)
?Analysis of data and presentation of findings (10)
?Discussion and interpretation of analysis (15)
?Demonstration of knowledge of topic and relevant content (15)
?Appropriate essay presentation format with standard academic discourse (5)
?Appropriate and accurate referencing (5)

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