A Discussion on the theories: Disappearance of the Anasazi Custom Essay

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The archaeological record show “little” evidence of disease or warfare. So what could have caused these ancient people to abandon what they have built and lived in for hundreds of years?
Where did they go? Why did they leave? This is the topic for my research paper that I have picked. The teacher said this about topics: Topics you should consider are either a critical analysis of a particular time period in North American Archaeology, a review of what is known about a particulate culture area or culture group, or a review of the historical development of the discipline of North American archaeology itself (issues of evolving methods, theories, or interpretive perspectives). I just want the writer to know he has the freedom to roll with the topic, just so long as it makes for a well written research paper. I will attach the official document my teacher gave us for this assignment. Hopefully it will help you guys in assisting me earn an A!

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