A Literature Review of Acupuncture Research Paper

This assessment assists in the development of your writing and research skills, along with nurturing skills in critical thinking and clinical effectiveness. To complete this component of your assessment you will need to conduct a literature search to locate at least four (4) peer-reviewed articles directly relevant to your modality (Acupuncture). You may want to gather more articles, this is acceptable, but you need only record the results of four articles and undertake the following activities on those four articles. It is strongly recommended that you choose the topic of your interest when you choose four articles because Assessment 4 requires your clinical question and arguments for or against particular intervention or practices based on your critical readings of these 4 articles.

i) You need to include the following details regarding the database search strategy used to locate your four articles for this assessment:

• Databases accessed to locate the four articles
• Search terms used to locate the four articles
• Search limitations that you applied to the search (e.g. full text articles, specific years, languages or subject types etc)

and, if applicable,
• Grey literature accessed including conference proceedings, and
• Any other sources accessed in the quest to gather relevant articles

ii) For each of the four articles selected:

• Identify the type of paper (e.g. review/research/conference/etc)
• Identify the strengths of the article,
• Identify weaknesses of the article, and
• Discuss its suitability to contribute to your own practice

Please consult the marking criteria which accompany the assessment task.

Marking Criteria:
Conduct relevant database search & draws literature that informs topic and reflects
appropriate and current trends in the field/4

Identify the strengths of material presented/4

Identify the deficits of material presented/4

Determine the authors’ accuracy in interpreting the ideas and themes on the topic/4

Demonstrate evidence of critical thinking and reflection throughout essay/4

In-text citations and references as per APA style Up to 3 marks will be deducted for failure

Correct syntax, spelling, grammar, punctuation, no first or second person language Up to 3 marks will be deducted for failure

Correct format, line spacing, margins as per subject outline, header/footer with details Up to 3 marks will be deducted for failure

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