A Son Comes Home comparison/contrast essay Custom Paper

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We have been examining the novel A Son Comes Home by Joseph Bentz, with the mythological approach in part based upon Joseph Campbell’s framework of the “Hero’s Journey” or the monomyth. Campbell postulates that archetypal patterns of heroic stories from various cultures followed universal or “transcendent truths,” one of which is the journey of the hero in his/her “Departure,” “Initiation,” and “Return.” More importantly, the Bible depicts our human journey based on the Biblical views of man’s origin, his fall, the history of mankind in its search for redemption, and the individual need for redemption through Christ’s death. In our many personal, familial and social issues, the Bible definitely offers a perspective as to the cause, effect, and solution of many of these issues.

In your comparison/contrast essay, you are to identify an issue dealt with in the narrative of the novel. You are to describe the way in which this issue surfaces in the life of one of the major characters in various portions of the novel, including the ending of the novel. You may discuss the role of the Church as well. Your task is to place that issue and the experiences of the character (and as that issue also impinges upon the lives of the other characters) with either (1) Joseph Campbell’s discussion of the hero’s journey AND/OR (2) the Biblical perspective. Please stay away from platitudes. Look closely at the solutions and resolutions the novel proffers either directly or indirectly through the dialogue of the characters, narrator’s comments, outcome in the lives of the characters, and consideration of literary elements.

What do you see as a “pattern” proferred by the novel as to how a person may rise above the issue (you have chosen to discuss)? How doe the framework of Joseph Campbell and/or Biblical perspective inform this novel. What is your personal view in comparison/contrast to that of the novel?

Your essay should indicate a close reading of the novel with careful choice of relevant passages you use appropriately to give evidence to your claims.

Typed, MLA style, 5-6 pages, double spaced, 12 font. Works Cited.

Issue (in a complete sentence):


Textual support I will use in my essay include (give specific episodes and page numbers)


Three sources are the Bible, A Son Comes Home book, and one of your chioce
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