Admission Essay: Treasure in Statistic Club-Describe what academic field(s) you wish to pursue at Brown University, how you came upon that interest, and any post-graduation career plans you may have considered Custom Essay

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My interest is to study the interdisciplinary theories from economics to sociology, to entrepreneurship, to environment, to politics.
I previously interned in San Francisco City Hall with one of the Board of Supervisors. (For details, you can refer to my uploaded document)
I also interned in San Francisco Planning and Urban Research(SPUR). (For details, you can refer to my uploaded document)
I was also the treasurer of my school’s Statistic Club.
According to the given essay topic, it is necessary to write my experience. Beyond description of my work, I hope you can also add some deep reflections from each work experience. You can see from the file I uploaded. I hope you are able to make some sentences more simple and direct, take away unnecessary content, and expand the ideas and elaborate more base.
If you find this work experience should be added into the essay, you can add in and write whatever you think a Treasure can do in, gain and learned from the work.
I was aiming to start up a non-profit organization which can play as a middleman between citizens, different interest groups, and the government to address their diverse needs and offer objective comments and possible effective solutions to the government to solve complex economic-social problems.
HOWEVER, do you think is there any other better career which also bring social wellbeing to society that I should also consider?

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