Agenda For Parent-Teacher Meeting Custom Essay

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Design an Agenda for a Parent-Teacher Meeting. Make sure that you have a clear and interactive meeting planned and that the printed agenda clearly states what is happening step by step. Make sure that every item on your agenda has a brief description of what is happening so that when the parents leave, they can re-read the agenda and have notes to review.
You create your own agenda and the format of how you want it to look. Make a flyer to advertized your meeting as well.

This is an assignment where the student will create a Parent-Teacher meeting in an effort to build relationships and to inform parents. It is not a conference and should have an agenda that will inform parents about what is happening in the school any special events and present a topic of interest. There should be interactive activities to engage the parent’s participation. Make it exciting and inviting. The agenda must be typed and presented in a creative way. Make a flyer to announce the meeting and that should be alive and give all the details of: what-when-and where

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