American People And Politics Custom Paper

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Political Science POSC 104.05 RESPONSE PAPER # 2
?Format: 8-1/2 x 11, single-side, double-spaced, 1-inch margins top/bottom/left/right, Times New Roman 12-point
Pages: 4 (page 4 must be at least 2/3 full) RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT:
Elections in the United States do not produce true representation.
1. Explain how elections in the United States work; what their sequence is; what their rules are. 2. Compare and contrast plurality and proportional representation systems.
3. Explain why the United States adopted majoritarian elections.
4. Explain what the different categories in the electorate are.
5. Analyze the “incumbency advantage” and explain how it relates to the election system. 6. Analyze the effect of campaigns and campaign rules on the party system.
7. Assess the strengths and weakness of the two-party system in terms of representation.

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