Analysis of Ethics Issues Case Custom Essay

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1. Write a case that is based on professional or personal experience (or from the literature) that contains administrative and clinical ethics issues?the case may be single spaced and should take no more than a half page.
2. State the ethics issues present in the case.
3. Analyze the ethics issues using the moral philosophies and principles
Moral philosophies:
– Utilitarianism.
– Deontology.
– Natural Law.
– Rawl’s Theory.
– Casuistry and the ethics of care.
– Virtue Ethics.
– Respect for Persons.
– Beneficence.
– Nonmaleficence.
– Justice.
4. Develop solutions that will solve the ethical problems identified
5. Suggest means by which similar ethical issues/problems could be prevented in the future. All elements must be included. Use headings to demark sections.

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