Analytical report; The following will outline in detail what is expected Custom Essay

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To undertake this assignment you should undertake the following tasks:
Choose an event or festival.
Research the event and try to find out as much about it as you can.
Look at the course study material and choose at least two different topics of the course from the following list to compare the event with:
Event experience
Event impacts and evaluation
Event Design
Event Programming
Public Policy
Event management
Event Sponsorship
Describe the theory and ideas included in your chosen topics (cite at least two references for each topic).
Compare what the theory says and what you have found out about the event for each topic.
Make conclusions about how successful the event has been and how this relates to the theories you have used.
The Report should follow the following format

Section One
A description of the event you are analysing including its history, information about the program and who attends.
About 200 words

Section Two
A description of the different topics you will use to undertake your analysis with reasons for your selection.
In this section you should:
1. Describe the theory and ideas included in each topic. Be explicit and cite at least two references for each topic
2. Explain why you have chosen these topics to compare with your event
About 800 words

Section Three
A presentation of the comparisons you make between the topics in the course and the actual event. You should include here:
1. A comparison of the event against each of the topics you have chosen
2. A discussion on what you have found out
About 800 words

Section Four
Make conclusions about whether you think the event has been successful and how this relates to the theories.
About 200 words

A 2000 word report with a 10% allowance either way of this word count

Students will be assessed on:

the logical development of their argument including, introduction, headings and conclusion
the relevance of topics and event examples
the effective application of readings
appropriate use of additional sources
correct use of Harvard Referencing
correct spelling grammar and legible sentence structure
use of a theoretical framework to critically analyse two topics within a single event.

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